HealthWave.Center: Welcome to Digital Wellness

HealthWave.Center: Welcome to Digital Wellness

Today, wellness customers increasingly rely on DIY methods and internet channels to educate themselves, purchase, and use wellness products and services. Unfortunately, there is a range of essential shortcomings of wellness websites:

  • An excess of inconsistent information, creating complications in searching for wellness-related solutions.
  • Web content is not curated properly, lacks credibility, and sometimes untrustworthy.
  • Online recommendations are often unreliable or even misleading, and usually marked as ‘for information purposes only.’


The HealthWave.Center platform overcomes the above shortcomings, allowing customers to choose substantively via a curated knowledge base. Customers see only reliable options and can fulfill their expectations without uncertainty and risks. To do so, Health Wave Center offers Rub n’ Roll® (a handheld applicator/stimulator/massager is a simple and easy-to-use device to apply CBD and other oils on the skin)and three interrelated digital services:

  • HealthWave Navigator to search the best solutions to customer’s wellness concerns through the Wellness Knowledge Base.
  • Healwa – AI-enabled bot to support customers within the pre-during-and after purchasing processes.
  • HealthWave QR Smart Labels – A simple but efficient IoT method for ordering and checking the authenticity of consumables, customer feedbacking, and participating in events.


Self-massage with Rub n’ Roll®and oils is a revolutionary method to improve dramatically customers’ skin and body conditions. Self-massage with Rub n’ Roll®easily deliver self-therapy without special training. Numerous benefits of self-massage with Rub n’ Roll®include:

  • An integrated solution to purposefully stimulating skin by its synchronous massaging and oiling in target areas.
  • Gentle for the skin because of the rows of tines made of elastically-deformable silicon and bend when customers press it onto the skin.
  • The most efficient device to transfer small amounts of oils through the skin.
  • It can provide deep pressure massage to reach problem muscles.
  • Can be used at home or office, during traveling, even in a tub or shower.


The topical application of CBD oil allows avoiding some negative side effects associated with taking it orally such as harm for the liver. Applying CBD oil directly to the skin with Rub n’ Roll, the CBD bypasses the liver and reaches the bloodstream without any harm. It also allows us to avoid current and future FDA restrictions.


The Wellness Knowledge Base supplies customers with information helping to better comprehend wellness problems and deliver its highly relevant HealthWave solutions. The Knowledge Base includes scientifically-proven data and leading experts’ recommendations, including:

  1. Wellness Concerns.
  2. Contraindications to apply Rub n’ Roll® (a handheld applicator/stimulator/massager is a simple and easy-to-use device to apply CBD and other oils on the skin).
  3. General Recommendations to apply Rub n’ Roll®.
  4. Rub n’ Roll® Use Protocol.
  5. Recommended Oils / Serums.
  6. Cautions and Safety Measures.


The HealthWave Navigator is designed to screen all possible combinations of the Knowledge Base categories to identify potential opportunities and make the best buying decisions. The Navigator’s algorithm works within each category through the smart filtering process, and customize its results, taking into account:

  • Skin Types (Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, and Aged/Mature Skins).
  • Age Ranges.
  • Rub n’ Roll® Models (new models will be released regularly).


Healwa – The AI-enabled bot:

  • Proposing special offers and coupons to customers who are about to exit the e-store.
  • Reminding customers about their abandoned shopping carts and encouraging them to complete the purchasing process.
  • Collecting customers’ feedback to improve the whole service.
  • Track customer conversions with statistics and reporting.


HealthWave QR Smart Labels add QR-coded information to the packages. Unpacking orders and scanning QR codes with smartphones or tablets, customers:

  • Reveal relevant information about Rub n’ Roll and consumables’ authenticity.
  • Immediately direct to e-shops of verified oils and serums suppliers.
  • Receive invitations to take part in HealthWave events.


The diagram below illustrates how the HealthWave.Center platform’s works.