New Generation ICT-empowered Self-massage Services

A registered Australian trademark No 1715178
A set of digitally-enabled services to empower Rub n’ Roll: Series of Skin, Scalp, and Muscle Stimulating and Oiling Massagers.
An efficient method of self-massage with the use of Rub n’ Roll

Australian patent No 2019101191

The simple and efficient Rub n’ Roll patented device gives customers opportunities:


To easily transfer small amounts of oils through the human skin, while at the same time massaging the problem zones.


To provide effective spa-quality self-massage without special training at home or office, during travelling, even in a tub or shower.


To use commercially available roll-on bottles and any types of oils.

The digitally-enabled HealthWave system of services for Rub n’ Roll
provides customers with:

Acknowledgement about wellness products and methods to customize them.

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Guided performance during the digitalized customer journey.

With the intelligent Chabot

The fastest and most efficient way of purchasing.

With the data-driven Recommender Algorithm

Visual lessons on how to apply Rub n’ Roll effectively.

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