Go-to-market with Wellness of Health Wave for Your Profit

As a result of five years of R&D and experimenting, Innovation Wave Pty Ltd has developed:

Rub n’ Roll: Series of Skin, Scalp, and Muscle Stimulating and Oiling Massagers. ( ) and an efficient method of self-massage with its use.

A set of digitally-enabled services to empower Rub n’ Roll.

New e-store business models and appropriate software.

Technology-based solutions for key wellness market problems, and a conforming management scheme.

In the USA, Canada, Germany, and other countries that eliminated prohibition laws, Rub n’ Roll – Health Wave is an ideal system for the topical application of CBD oil to avoid some negative side effects associated with taking it orally. Applying CBD oil directly to the skin, the CBD bypasses the liver and reaches the bloodstream without any harm.

The partners in the Health Wave Programme can immediately take advantage of experience, innovative products, and technology solutions:


To lower risks of launching own projects.


To expand their product range, service portfolios and revenues.


To sharp their competitive edges.


To get new technologies, products, and services that Health Wave consistently has been developing.

PROFIT™ is a registered Australian trademark No 1949116.

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